NAPEEF offers hands-on, classroom training taught by professionals who are veterans in the field. This results in building engineers with the knowledge, experience, and confidence to be highly attractive to local employers.

For New Students

NAPEEF offers the training you need to become a highly valued and successful building engineer. To make it convenient for our students, classes are offered in Alexandria, Virginia, in Greenbelt in Maryland, and in the District of Columbia.

  • Entry Level Classes
    • Ready-2-Work – The National Association of Power Engineers (NAPE) Educational Foundation is pleased to announce its new Ready 2 Work Engineering Kick-Start Program designed to provide you with the training you need to get started in this exciting career as an entry-level building engineer. You’ll learn the basics of Career/Outlook and Professionalism, HVAC, Electrical
      Maintenance, Plumbing, Fire Alarm/Safety, and more. A job fair will be included to help you put your training to use after you have successfully completed Ready 2 Work.
    • Numbers 4 Engineers – This course focuses on everyday concepts for building engineers such as measurements, pressure, square feet, conversions, and fractions. It is intended as a math refresher for students interested in moving on to Principles of Electricity. The course is pass/fail and is based upon attendance only.
    • Introduction to Engineering – This is a course designed for individuals interested in getting a job in maintenance or who have been in an entry-level position for less than a year. The curriculum covers lighting, bulbs, voltage, and wattage at fixtures, ballasts, transformers, bathrooms, thermometers, locks, hand tools, power tools, locks, and basic safety.
    • Principles of Electricity This is a beginner’s class that starts with the basic elements of circuitry, safety rules, understanding of terminology, and simple mathematical calculations. It prepares students for all other aspects of engineering. Successful completion of this course is required for Air Conditioning 1 and Electrical Systems, Code, and Theory.
    • Air Conditioning I – This entry-level course concentrates on basic refrigeration circuits up to 20-ton package and split systems – air and water-cooled. The goal is for students to develop a basic understanding of the refrigeration cycle and its components. Students are required to attend a one-weekend lab session.
    • Low-Pressure Boilers – This is a beginner’s class for those who wish to get the basic knowledge of “steam and hot water heating systems.” This provides the basic information to put you on the road to becoming a licensed engineer. This is not a prep course for the 6th Class license, although it may be useful. Intermediate English skills required. Course Curriculum Covers: Boilers, boiler room safety, boiler fittings, boiler room terminology, feed water accessories, fuel oil systems, combustion accessories, feed water systems, draft systems, water treatment, steam systems, and boiler operations.
  • Certification Programs
    • General Certificate of Electrical Proficiency
    • General Certificate of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
    • General Certificate of Engineering
    • Certified Supervising Engineer
  • How to Register
    Register online or call or visit our office in Alexandria. We’ll be happy to assist you.
  • Payment Options
    All classes must be paid for on or before the first night of class. The pricing for each course can be found with the class listing at the “Classes & Seminars” option on the toolbar at the top. Tuition discounts are available for members of the DC1 Chapter of the National Association of Power Engineers (NAPE DC1). Scholarships are also available to assist you with the cost of your training.

Click here for The Apprentice & The Old-Timer, information shared by instructor Robert Burgess on the value of asking questions and continuing your training throughout your career.

Let NAPEEF help you plan your training. Call the NAPEEF office at 703-845-7055 and our staff will be happy to assist you.